Tapping the manifold and inserting blanking bolts

Using a M12x1.25 tap to thread the holes ready for bolts then fitting to make an airtight seal. I have to trim them so they are flush, pedantic I know but I want it neat


Cutting the threads, long tedious task


Looking ok so far


a nice clean thread


Bolts being sized up


Least they screw in nicely with a nice snug fit


will gorilla glue these in place, its pretty much everything proof and they wont go anywhere at all, ever.


Just a few pictures from where the manifold was off


Was a tight squeeze getting it out of here. So much other bits to remove or move out of the way


The valve ports look a bit clogged up but will clean these removing as much loose material as possible


A clearer picture of the valve ports


Various connectors that all thread through the gaps in manifold, The manifold has to almost be in place to get these on and off.


One starter motor,


The engine mount. overall the engine looks tidy, no signs of leaks, just the normal grime from a 15 year old car

Removing Inlet manifold swirl flaps

Since I have the manifold off and looking at the condition of the flaps I have decided to remove them. This will help with getting air into the engine no doubt. The flaps were stuck and I believe the motor has failed to so that’s all going.


The tools I used to remove the flaps. Each Screw has a T10 torx but they are quite tight, especially as its all caked in carbon and oil.


With the flaps removed there is a clear passage for air to flow. I am currently cleaning up these passages so there is as little restriction as possible


One flap refuses to come out, well just the screws, the flap was only just holding on as was broken


Still plenty of cleaning to do.


I will tap this hole to 16mm and fit a bolt to maintain a sealed system


Much less gunk now



Inlet manifold issues

So the car is smoking slightly, ok a lot but well soon sort that. Took the inlet manifold off and what did I find, see below


The guide I used, well read a couple of times then forgot to take with me


High pressure fuel lines detached and the fuel rail loose. need the room to get to the bolts for manifold


I removed the fuel filter but didn’t remove pipes as clips seem very brittle and likely to break


Boost pipe, egr valve and heat exchanger came off next



The actuator is filthy above and the flaps below



As is the manifold







Spring Replacement

So the s210 is looking a bit low at the front


A few people have commented and upon exploring this I found out why



Both springs snapped so best I get on and replace them

The following pictures are a mix of both sides, Also I changed the steering track rod ends and lower ball joints for peace of mind.


Jack the front of the vehicle up and use an axle stand under the chassis. as I had 2 trolley jacks I left this one in place as well for added safety, very much over kill but saved moving it, just transferred the weight to the stand. At this point remove the securing bolts for the antiroll bar mounts that attach it to the chassis. Mine were stuck fast with very rusty heads so I used an irwins socket set and replaced the bolts.



Release the track rod from the hub using a suitable tool, I pressed one out with a screw type separator but the other had split rubbers so I just left the nut on a few turns and hammered it out. I replaced both of these and will have to get the tracking done.


The ball joint where also pretty shot so I removed them also so I could replace. You can just release the upper ball joint if you don’t want to remove the lower one. You need to be able to swing the wishbone down so either will do. To release the bottom ball joint first undo the top nut then release the joint from the taper. I used a hammer onto the wishbone control arm just near where the thread goes through.


Then loosen the lower bolt just to the right of the jack. I used a hammer on the hub right near where the thread goes through and it popped. You can then remove the lower ball joint.

SAM_0009 SAM_0008 SAM_0007 SAM_0011

Using a spring compressor of type that fits inside the spring, compress the spring then place a jack under the lower arm and raise it up slightly. We found our spring would spin as it got a bit looser so by raising the arm it aided compressing the spring.


Undo and remove the bolt from the damper then lower the jack so the wishbone drops


The spring is then able to be removed. we put the bolt back into the damper so we didn’t lose it.

I had actually replaced the ball joint on this side a couple of days before as was waiting for springs to arrive. was a right pig to get out too. The other side was much easier. On this side we did just remove the upper ball joint.


To refit the spring just use the compressor to get the spring to a suitable size to fit back inside the cup and then line the lower part into the grove on the wishbone. Use the jack to raise the lower arm until you can line up the damper with the wishbone and push the bolt through them both and secure. Lower the jack and remove the spring compressor from the spring

If you are replacing the ball joint fit the upper bolt to the wishbone first then manoeuvre the hub into position and get the lower bolt through it.

The upper bolt may spin with the nut as you tighten it but just place a jack under the ball joint and apply pressure.

As I said some photos are not in order and purely to show components

Bloody weather.

Well today I went to try and do some more work on the S210. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas so didn’t get as much done. I managed to free off the sticking ball joint and replaced that. I will be continuing me quest but here’s some photos of today up until it rained.SAM_0003

I first jacked her up and put a stand under the chassis rail. then wheel off Removed the track rod end to allow me to manoeuvre the hub.


as you can see you can swing the hub quite far


The pesky ball joint stuck in hub. I placed a jackinand raised it up so it was placed under the load then hit it and it came free.

SAM_0007 SAM_0009 SAM_0008

I got the spring compressor in place but then weather turned bad and was a nightmare, very slippery and though I had best leave it

Awaiting bits

Well I am awaiting a spring compresser to complete the job. I have a rather tough ball joint to tend too as wont pop out. Hammered so hard I broke the weather. A nice garage have said they’ll press it out for me. I am thinking of cutting bolt down a bit so can maybe get my separator in there, we shall see.

The Spring


So I jack her up and find this, Hardly a shock really, Off side spring snapped. Oh well new ones winging their way from Germany. The chassis looks mint though so that’s good. Most ball joints under this side are looking old so for £50 will be renewing them at same time. Makes sense really. My hopes of being on a road by October might still be possible

Quick Over View

So Time to look over the car finally. Work has been keeping me away. Anyway I love her.


She’s a big old girl and takes up all of the drive way. She is stuck with just second and reverse as She’s got a problem with the gear selector after previous owner spilt coffee on it. Bit of a pain getting hold of one right now but with the host of other things that need doing means she wont be moving for a while. I did have the selector off and have it a quick clean but nothing. She also looks a bit low.

IMG_20150713_175109 IMG_20150713_175101 IMG_20150713_175058 IMG_20150713_175045

The interior looks in really good nick for a 15 year old car and that boot is huge!! Dresden is going to love it. Also room for the second dog when we get her. Hand Mercedes fit a dog guard to them